Creating a Storyboard with app

First you must write a story or composition.  Then you can illustrate your story by creating a storyboard by using app.  It will resemble a comic strip.

This tool is used to breakdown a script or story in order properly communicate and visualize what a student is learning. I have used it in this course to illustrate the story of my personal musical journey during my childhood. Once it was recommended to me and I looked into it, I couldn’t stop using it.

Some of its available features and options are as follows:

  1. Background scenes can be selected to fill the entire cell, i.e. indoor, outdoor, historical scenes.
  2. Layout including the number of cells can be chosen
  3. Characters can be added and edited to change facial expressions and poses
  4. Props can be added that the characters can interact with
  5. Searches can be conducted to find additional props not provided in this app
  6. Drawings and photos can be uploaded
  7. Text boxes in various shapes and sizes can be added to indicate talking
  8. Fonts can be customized
  9. Captions can be added beneath each cell

I worked out thumbnails on paper in accordance with my story and for each new idea I created a new frame. I then created these frames on this app using the above features.



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